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Patched-In: Roundtable on Gawker

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[Not the actual mechanism by which our roundtable connected. Skype doesn’t use operators]


Earlier this week, the podcast Undressing Underground had a roundtable discussion of the goings-on in the past 10 days at Gawker, from the perspective of three longtime commenters. Moderated by “Kittens and Unicorns v2 The Uprising”, who invited “Graby Sauce” and me, “Jerry-Netherland” to offer our opinions as representatives of the commentariat.

I’m glad to report that the resulting podcast is lively and touches on much of what’s been happening here (and was recorded after my last post on the subject, so is a bit fresher), with a one-hour timeframe that allows us to go into a bit more depth and repartee than short written comments allow. Kittens did a great job moderating and Graby and I served up thoughts that I’m sure many of you will share, but which may also inspire many of you to consider where things will or should go from here.


The podcast is free, and you can download it (and find out more about the Undressing Underground) here:


As an interesting follow-up to our discussion, as well as all the media speculation about what changes will be coming to Gawker, this evening, Business Insider hinted that there will be some sort of re-launch on Monday (this probably refers to owner Nick Denton’s mention that he wanted a new “corporate ethos” manual - a subject we discuss in the above roundtable). But the real bombshell - if true - dropped by Business Insider, is that he may be changing the Gawker name - an idea I find pointless and counterproductive. Some crisis-PR, yes; name change, no.

Gawker Media have launched so many named sub-pages so frequently on Gawker, Jezebel, Deadspin, Gizmodo, etc. (each of which has myriad separately named sub-pages, half of which are dormant). More practical would be re-consolidating all of these disparate pages into a cohesive Gawker, a cohesive Jezebel, a cohesive Deadspin, etc.


Here’s the Business Insider article:


Should Gawker get re-named, let’s hope IT can keep the commentariat in place, and not in for yet another round of having to get un-grayed yet again. After the major nuisance of last year’s three episodes of Kinja-fix (I suspect as miserable for the staff as for us), a smooth trasnsition, should this transpire, is the least they can do.

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